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Patons Yarn Australia

We’re keen crafters, pursuers of passion and cultivators of creativity. We set up shop in Melbourne to provide fellow fans with the best products on the market. As making connections through the amazing power of craft is very special to us, we cast out Patons yarn all across Australia.

Why Choose Patons Yarn?

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert, we understand the urge to try out all different brands of knitting yarn and take on all kinds of exciting projects. Patons are sensational suppliers of luxurious yarns made from the finest wool, acrylic, cotton, alpaca and much more! They also spin out incredible blends which make for gorgeous, eye-catching knits and patterns. Patons is a highly reputable name and we’re very proud to have their yarns in stock. Read More

Buy Patons Yarn Online at the Very Best Price!

We understand that you will want to get your hands on such brands but can’t always find them in your local yarn store or that you may not always have the time to source them out. That’s why we have a wide range for you to check out on our website. What’s more, you may find the material but not the colour. Don’t worry! We’ll get that colour in just for you. Best of all, we’re so dedicated to our mission of providing well-known names at reasonable prices that should you find item cheaper from another Australian store, we’ll beat that price by 5%.

Patons Yarn Delivered Fast from Knitting Co.

We offer fast delivery of Patons yarn Australia wide with a capped delivery price so no matter whereabouts you are, you can expect a wonderful deal. This is because we endeavour to facilitate your shopping experience and want to make ordering online fair and affordable.

So, whether you want to start a Patons collection, master your first sweater or simply try out a new brand, you can depend on us for the best prices and a swift, easy delivery service.

More than just Patons Yarn Providers

We adore bringing you the brilliance of brands such as Patons. We don’t want anyone to ever miss out and so we work hard to keep our shelves full of sensational products.

However, we’re more than just suppliers, we also love what we do. We keep up with all the trends and novelties of the craft world and jam-pack them into our blog posts. We’re also active on social media so you can keep up with us there. Community in craft is vital; sharing projects, encouraging each other and exploring new projects together is what makes this art form so special!

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Should you need any assistance with your purchase, to navigate our website or simply want to ask us a question about our Patons yarn range, feel free to leave us a message, send an email or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll always do our best to fulfil your requests, to offer advice and make top recommendations. Read Less