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Crochet Yarn Australia

Purchasing crochet yarn online is easy with Knitting Co. Providing customers with a variety of yarns, colours and thickness; our selection ensures that there is something for everyone - whatever your needs. Creating the masterpiece as you imagined is easy with us by your side.

Built upon a passion for knitting, crocheting and general crafts, Knitting Co. has been providing tools, materials, knitting yarn and crochet yarn in Australia since 2015. In our online store, you’ll find a plentiful selection of quality products at affordable prices with fantastic customer service throughout. Read More

Highest Quality Collection of Crochet Yarn in Australia

Don’t let the quality of yarn or size of your crochet hook hold you back. At Knitting Co., we are dedicated to providing customers with all of the ingredients necessary to achieve their visions to the best of their ability.

Browse our crochet selection and find:

Crochet Hooks

With a diverse variety of crochet hook sizes, materials and brands including popular names such as Clover crochet hooks, Birch and KnitPro, finding the optimum hook is simple.

Crochet Yarn

A variety of materials including wool, cotton and cashmere, available in a rainbow of colours and selection of weights can be found, ensuring it is easy to buy crochet yarn online with Knitting Co.

Yarn Dye

Occasionally, the colour you dreamed of can be difficult to find. In this instance, hand-dyeing can be a great solution, so take a look at our yarn dye collection.

Templates and Patterns

For extra inspiration or assistance, we offer a selection of patterns and templates. These come with advice on suggested accessories and volume of yarn it will take to create the finished item.

Knitting Co Offers 365 Day returns on Crochet Yarn Delivered in Australia

Based in Melbourne, we are a locally run business with a shared passion for creativity. We are proudly customer-centred and have tailored our policies to ensure we deliver affordable prices, top service and a high level of customer satisfaction through every purchase of crochet yarn in Australia.

We are dedicated to providing customers with unbeatable low prices so offer a best price guarantee when you buy knitting wool online. On the rare occasion that the same product is selling for a lower price elsewhere, we will beat it by 5%. Simply email our customer care team with the details and the price will be revised for your purchase.

Customers can be assured that there are no hidden charges with Knitting Co. as we also offer ultra-cheap shipping. With costs from as little as $2.95 or free with a minimum spend, buying your goods with us is affordable, every step of the way.

Shop Crochet Yarn Online Now

Once you have an idea and pattern for your next crochet project, it will be time to decide which yarn to use. This is an important decision as it will affect your final piece; the colour, texture and thickness - to name a few aspects. Choosing the right yarn is therefore essential for meeting your goals and bringing your ideas to life.

With the help of Knitting Co., no project is too big. Browse our collection today and get your next creation underway! Read Less