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Dylon Machine Fabric Dye (350g) - Choose Colour


Dylon Machine Fabric Dye (350g) - Choose Colour

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A popular ally for those with a creative flair, Dylon fabric dye can be used to dye your project a solid colour or, by applying different techniques, unique patterns can be created. Each dye works in its own way and produces different results, so it is important to be sure of what material you are dyeing and the end result you are working towards.

At Knitting Co, we stock several brands including Dylon, Rit and Jacquard, with dyes in both liquid and powder form as well as knitting tools, materials and accessories. Dylon fabric dye is a popular brand because it offers intense and permanent colouring that doesn’t fade over time. Our online store is a great place to buy your dye online as we promise excellent customer service, best price guarantee, 365 day returns and cheap shipping options. It’s our aim to ensure quality and affordability for all of our customers. Read More

Buy Dylon Fabric Dye Online for Excellent Results

When choosing the best fabric dye for your project, understanding the final effect you are looking to achieve as well as the material that you are dyeing is advantageous. For both beginners and more experienced dyers, Dylon is a popular brand due to its versatility and suitability for most fabrics, variety of available colours and ease of use.

For a range of Dylon dyes, Knitting Co. has you covered. Browse our selection and upon choosing a product, access directions for use in the description. We are dedicated to providing customers with the assistance and guidance that they need to achieve the best results.

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For use in automatic front loading machines only.

Suitable fabrics: cotton, linen, viscose and polyester/cotton mixes. Lighter shades on polyester mixes because pure synthetics do not pick up the dye. NOT SUITABLE FOR SYNTHETIC FABRICS

One pack will dye up to 600g /1lb dry weight fabric. Dyeing larger amounts (up to 1200g) will give a lighter colour.

You will need:
500g / 1lb of salt (regardless of the number of packs used)
Rubber gloves
Dylon Fabric Dye in your chosen colour

How to use:
1. Weigh dry fabric to check that you have sufficient dye. Wash thoroughly, even if new, to remove stains or dressings which may not be visible to the eye. Leave damp.
2. Wearing rubber gloves, empty full contents of pack(s) into dry drum (not soap dispenser).
3. Add 500g of salt, covering area where powder was added (only 500g of salt is required regardless of the number of packs of dye).
4. Put in damp, unfolded fabric.
5. Select and run a 40ºC cotton programme (do not use prewash, economy, quick wash or half load cycles)
6. When complete cycle has finished, add your usual washing detergent and run a 40ºC cotton programme.
7. When complete cycle has finished, remove your item from the machine, add your usual washing detergent and run another 40ºC programme with the machine empty to ensure that the machine is clean.

Dry fabric away from direct heat and sunlight. Wash separately for the first couple of washes to remove any excess dye. Read Less

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