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Quality 10 Ply Yarn For Knitting

Knitting Co is the place to go for all knitters and crocheters. We stock yarns and supplies from all over the world, to fit all budgets and projects. We offer the best prices and cheapest domestic shipping rates in the industry, along with high-quality goods and dedicated customer service. If you need some 10 ply yarn in Australia, there’s no better option than Knitting Co. Read More

Picking the right 10 ply yarn

When you’re buying yarn for a new project, there are a few different factors to keep in mind in order to pick the perfect material and ply. Here are some of them:

  • What’s the pattern? If you’ve already decided on a pattern you want to knit or crochet, it will usually tell you what type of yarn and what size needles or hook you need. Following these instructions is the easiest way to make sure your finished product looks like the pattern does, and deciding to go for something else might require modifications and not end up looking like you imagined it. If you haven’t decided on a pattern yet, it’s a good idea to find one, or at least to compare different patterns of the item you want to make so that you get an idea of the most common yarns to use for this kind of project.
  • What are you making? The item you plan to make should have an impact on the kinds of qualities you want it to have. If it’s a hat or mittens or something else for outdoor wear, consider looking at 10 ply yarns that are more water resistant. If you’re making something that’s supposed to be warm, there are yarns that are warmer than others. Is it important to you that this is something that’s comfortable to wear? Then you should choose a yarn accordingly.
  • How do you want it to look? This is where the ply of the yarn comes into play more. Is the item you’re making supposed to be detailed and elegant, or are you going for a chunky look? The thickness of the yarn is determined both by the ply and the material, and these factors will have an impact on the appearance of the item.
  • What’s your budget? Some materials are more expensive than others. It’s important to weigh up what features of the yarn are important to you against how much you’re willing to spend. Are you a beginner and don’t think the final product will be used much? Then opting for the most expensive yarn while you’re learning isn’t the smartest choice. If this is something that you want to last a long time, however, then you might consider splurging.

why choose 10 ply yarn for your knitting project?

This type of yarn is on the slightly thicker side, but not yet chunky. It’s easy and fast to work with and is ideal for items like sweaters and cardigans. You can use it both for knitting and crocheting. The 10 ply yarns at Knitting Co come in different materials, including cashmere and merino blend, cotton and acrylic. We have yarns for all knitting and crocheting projects, no matter what colour, ply or material you need.

We have a large range of multiple ply yarns available

All our products come with a price beat guarantee and 365-day returns. Order the best 10 ply yarn in Australia from our webstore. Read Less