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Angelus Premium 88ml (3oz) Leather Dye


Angelus Premium 88ml (3oz) Leather Dye

$ 14.95 AUD

Angelus Leather Dye is the most heavily pigmented leather dye on the market. Angelus Dyes can also be diluted for desired color results. Angelus Leather Dye is a permanent liquid dye used for many applications (like gourds, stone, woodworking, etc ... ) but designed for use on smooth leather articles like shoes, bags, clothing, furniture and more.

Guaranteed to penetrate leather and form a lasting color which will not peel, crack, or wash off. Excellent for use in manufacturing or re-coloring saddles, tack, shoes, belts, purses, wood, etc. 

Before dyeing, remove any dirt or existing finish by using Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer. To clean, dilute, or mix leather dye colors, use Angelus Dye Reducer Solvent. After dyeing, use one of the many Angelus finishers.

Please remember that dye is meant to be permanent. Once applied 
it may be difficult or impossible to remove.

Comes in 88.7ml (3oz) bottle and includes cotton bud applicator.

Do not use on nappy or suede leathers. Please see Angelus Suede Leather Dye for use on this type of leather.

PRODUCT WARNING: Flammable. Harmful if swallowed. Irritating to skin & eyes. Keep away from Children.

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