Below, we provide you with a Yarn Comparison Chart to try to break down the imprecise science of choosing the right yarn for your next project.

Yarn weights and gauge measurements is far from an exact science. We would advise to use the following table as a guide only to the comparison of different yarn weight labels from around the world. Certain yarn brands from various regions will describe the same weight yarn slightly differently. 

In most instances, Like the weight of the yarn, the suggested needle or hook size should be taken as a guide only, and will depend on the pattern and your style of knitting or crochet.

Finally, and again, the listed gauge for both Knitting and Crochet with different yarn weights is simply to be used as a guidance. The best way to test the gauge of a particular yarn is to knit or crochet a small sample 10cm x 10cm patch with the yarn, counting the number of stitches used. This will give you the gauge, to be compared back to the pattern to ensure the right tension is used and amount of yarn is on hand to complete your project accurately.

Yarn Weight Chart

We are committed to making the best Yarn Comparison Chart available. As such, we welcome your feedback in the comments below if you have anything you think we should add or change (or of course if you feel we have done a brilliant job!)




My grand daughter asked me to make her a blanket with the jumbo yarn and I am having trouble figuring out how much yarn to purchase.
I would like to make a queen size arm knit afghan …please help🤷‍♀️
Thank you

Polly Ross

Polly Ross

I think your chart is excellent. I just think that a column with imperial size knitting needles and crochet hooks would be helpful.

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