What is Knitting in the Round?

There’s a lot of craft jargon that you’ll see in knitting and crochet guides. It can often be very baffling to decode all the various stitches, patterns, needles and styles. But fear not! We at Knitting Co. are here to help you understand some of these concepts to become a gifted guru of all things knitting. The main focus of this blog will be on knitting in the round and all it entails. We’ll shed some light on how to go about this type of stitching, when we use it and other useful pointers.

Is it just Knitting in a Circle?

Basically, yes! The name and the technicalities of this style both allude to knitting to create circular, round-shaped objects. You essentially create a tube shape without a seam. The aim is to start with a base to your tube by executing your first worked stitch as your first cast on stitch. This isn’t typically the case in flat knitting with singular needles because of the stopper, in this instance, your first stitch is your last cast on.

What are the best needles to use for knitting in the round?

Singulars aren’t really ideal due to the aforementioned explanation. Double pointed are much better as both ends are workable. Circular needles are the choice pick for larger projects. The size, thickness, style and material are all down to personal preference and the particulars of the work you want to complete.

What can you make with this kind of knitting?

Think of things that are round by nature or have circular elements. Items where we find tubes, for example, include:

  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Gloves/ mittens
  • Sweaters/ jumpers
  • Toys

Linking this question to the one directly above, a common dilemma is what to do when your needles don’t suit your project. To solve this problem, you may hear the term ‘magic loop’. It’s complex to explain, but it’s basically if you have an overly long circular needle and you need to create small loops you just use the extra length of the cable. We highly recommend that you check out some tutorials on YouTube in order to conquer this technique!

Benefits to knitting in the round

People thoroughly enjoy this knitting style because it’s flexible, easy to learn and more comfortable as the weight is more evened out and so there’s less pressure on the needles and your wrists! Knitting in the round of course also means that your creations will most likely be 3D and wearable, so you can share your skills with friends and family!

All in all, knitting in the round is a crucial design to learn. It will mean that you can advance your level and make all kinds of things. You can use double pointed or circular needles and even learn specific techniques to propel your round knitting. At Knitting Co, we stock in all the gear you need to get your projects going, so be sure to have a look at our products. From all of us, we wish you many enjoyable ventures with your knitting delights. Do feel free to get in touch with us should you require further information.

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