Knitpro Knitting Needles – A Handy Guide!

Before we come to look at the Knitpro Knitting Needle and Crochet Hook range, we thought we would provide a little bit about the company. Manufacturing the highest calibre knitting needles and hooks for more than 10 years, Knitpro are headquartered in Germany where all of their products are designed using local engineering – well known to be the best in the world.

Over this time, they have come up with many new and innovative lines of Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks. We have summarised them all below for your convenience.

Symfonie Knitting Needles

Perhaps the most recognisable of all the Knitpro needles, the Symfonie range of needles are comprise of a specially produced densified, laminated birch wood. This material is a high quality hard wood with the densification process adding to the durability of the knitting needles. Thanks to the manufacturing processes, the Symfonie family of wooden knitting needles minimise water absorption, making them less prone to warping than other wooden needles on the market. 

Within the Symfonie Knitting Needles range there are multiple variants, including the most common Symfonie Wood, Royale, Ginger and Rose lines. These products are generally varied from eachother through their colourings. There is also the Symfonie Cubics range, which are specially shaped knitting needles in a cuboid shape, assisting discerning needles to grip the needles and get more torque into their knitting projects. Each of the lines are described below: 

Knitpro Symfonie WoodSymfonie Wood – These famous needles are readily identifiably through their multicoloured twirling dye patterns.  These knitting needles are available in all of the major needle types, being Double Point Needles, Fixed Circular Needles, Interchangeable Needle Tips (to make circular needles) and Single Point Straight Needles. Thanks to the durable nature of the needles and their popularity over time, Knitpro also produce Interchangeable Tunisian/Afghan Crochet Hooks and traditional Single End Hooks or Double End Crochet Hooks. The interchangeable knitting needle tips and the interchangeable Afghan/Tunisian tips feature durable stainless steel connection pieces – meaning they will never wear out! 

– The Ginger range of knitting needles from Knitpro are the newest addition to the Knitpro Symfonie Range. Much like the Royale needles, the Ginger range are a premium member of the Symfonie range, borrowing their name from the magnificant coloured tinting applied to the laminated birch wood during manufacture. The Ginger needles are available in the full range of Knitting Needle types, as well as in both single ended regular Crochet Hooks and interchangeable Tunisian/Afghan Crochet Hook Tips.

Royale – The gorgeous Knitpro Royale range of knitting needles are feature a variety of 11 brilliant solid colours, coded to match each different size of needle. This makes each size super easy to identify in your knitting needle storage case. The Royale needles are available in all the normal types of knitting needles, being Double Point Needles, Fixed Circular Needles, Interchangeable Needle Tips (to make circular needles) and Single Point Straight Needles. Unlike the regular Symfonie Wood, the Royale range does not include any regular Crochet Hooks or Tunisian/Afghan Crochet Hooks. The Royale interchangeable knitting needle tips include high grade Brass connectors, making them a slightly more premium needle than their Symfonie Wood counterparts. 

Perhaps the major thing that sets the Ginger needles apart from other family members of the Symfonie range are the amazing sets available with luxury cases and a huge range of sizes within the sets.

Rose – The Knitpro Symfonie Rose line is a special composition, only available in gift sets of the Interchangeable Knitting Needle Tips, to make circular needles, and a gorgeous gift set of Symfonie Rose Crochet Hooks, each inlaid with a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal. Like their cousins, the Symfonie Rose needle tips and crochet hooks are manufactured using a special densified, laminated wood but this time with a gorgeous Rosewood tinting applied.  Each special Symfonie Rose gift set comes with a beautiful leatherette display case.

Rose Cubics – The Symfonie Rose Cubics line of knitting needles is unique to the Syfmonie family owing to the shape of the needles. Their ergonomic Cuboid shape needles allow for easier grip whilst knitting, enabling more torque to be applied to an Knitting project. Much like the Symfonie Rose gift sets, the Cubics knitting needles are manufactured using the same densification process and laminating technique as their cousins, but with a luxury Rosewood textured finish applied. This gives the Cubics knitting needles a luxury finish as well as the same durable core as other lines in the Symfonie range.

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Zing Metal Knitting Needles

The Knitpro Zing Metal Knitting Needles have exploded in popularity since their launch a couple of years ago. They are tooled from lightweight metal and come in an array of vibrant colours, coded to each of the needle sizes. This makes them easy to identify in your knitting needle storage case. The Zing needles come with shiny tips and they also have their sizes laser printed onto the side of the needles so they won’t rub off.

The Zing family of Knitting Needles are available in all the usual suspects – Double Point Needles, Fixed Circular Needles, Single Point Straight Needles, Interchangeable Needle Tips (to make circular needles) and Crochet Hooks.

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Nova Metal Knitting Needles

The Nova range of Metal Knitting Needles has been a winner ever since Knitpro introduced it. The Nova range is tooled from lightweight and super durable hollow brass piping, which has been electroplated to ensure the needle’s brilliant shimmer remains long lasting. This electroplating ensures a smooth, satin feel to the needles, which allows yarn to slide freely and quickly over the needle. Combined with the lightweight feel of the hollow brass needles, the Knitpro Nova Metal Knitting Needles are a joy to knit with.. 

The Nova range is also available in Nova Cubics knitting needles line, which is made from the same material and processes as are applied to regular Nova knitting needles (see above), but with a cuboid shape for easy gripping and extra torque in your knitting projects. It is important to note that Nova Cubics needles are measured diagonally along the needle rather than straight across the square cross-section. 

Karbonz Carbon Fibre Knitting Needles

Knitpro sure turned heads when they released the premium quality carbon fibre Karbonz Knitting Needles range. Ordinarily reserved for use in aircrafts and cars, carbon fibre is both high strength and light weight. Perhaps what makes Carbon Fibre so perfect for use in knitting needles though is the satin feel to the surface of the material – offering amazing stitch control when knitting. The highly innovative Karbonz Knitting Needles also include electroplated brass tips (borrowed from the Nova range), making them a marriage of two highly engineered materials that equates to a knitting needle revolution.

The premium Karbonz Knitting Needle range includes Double Point Needles, Single Point Straight needles, Fixed Circular needles an Interchangeable Knitting Needle Tips to make circular needles. Thanks to the inbuilt strength of Carbon Fibre, the Karbonz knitting needles are tooled starting at a 1.00mm size. There are no crochet hooks available in the Karbonz Knitting Needle range.

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Bamboo Knitting Needles

Made from superb quality Japanese Bamboo, the Knitpro Bamboo range of knitting needles are both soft, and warm, to touch allowing you to knit for longer on your favourite project. Owing to the legendary strength of Bamboo, these needles are durable too! The Knitpro Bamboo Knitting Needles are available in Double Point Needles, Single Point Straight Needles, Fixed Circular Needles and Interchangeable Needle Tips to make circular needles. Needles are also available in full sets. There are no Crochet Hooks available in the Bamboo Knitting Needle range.

Smart Stix Knitting Needles

The innovative SmartStix knitting needles are clever. Seriously clever. Combining knitting needle and measuring tape, the SmartStix range are marked in 2cm intervals along both the needles and the cables. This means you can measure your projects while you knit, check your gauge and track how your project is progressing. The needles are made from the same lightweight aluminium from the Zing range, being high in quality and easy on your hands. SmartStix knitting needles are available in Double Point Needles, Fixed Circular Needles and Interchangeable Needle Tip tips for making your own circular knitting needles. 

Basix Knitting Needles

The Basix knitting needles range offer an entry point to knitting with extremely affordable Birch wood and Aluminium finish knitting needle options to choose from. 

Basix Birch – Lightweight but strong makes the Basix Birch knitting needle range both easy to knit with and durable. Knitpro have decided against applying dyes to the wood, meaning the Basix Birch range are naturally coloured. The Basix Birch range come in the full range of knitting needle options, being Double Point Needles, Single Point Straight Needles, Fixed Ciruclar Needles and Interchangeable Knitting Needle Tips for you to make your own size circular needles.

Jumbo Birch – Owing to the lightweight nature of Birch Wood, the Basix range has been adapted for super bulky weight projects with the introduction of the Jumbo Birch Knitting Needles range or Double Point Needles, Fixed Circular Needles and Single Point Straight Needles.

Basix Aluminium – Similar to the Basix Birch, the Basix aluminium offers an extremely affordable entry point to the world of Knitpro Knitting Needles. Inclusive of Knitpro’s hallmark smooth finish and sharp points, the Basix Aluminium Knitting Needles will not disappoint! The Basix Aluminium range includes Double Point Needles, Single Point Straight needles and Fixed Circular Knitting Needles.

Trendz Knitting Needles

They may look like plastic knitting needles, but Knitpro Trendz Needles are in fact made from a premium quality acrylic material making them both lightweight and durable. They come in a stunning array of vibrant colours, each corresponding to the size of the needle for ease of identification. They are an affordable option for those just starting out, as well as for the more experienced knitter who prefers an ultra-smooth finish to their knitting needles. The full Knitpro Trendz range includes Double Point Knitting Needles, Single Point Straight Needles, Fixed Circular Needles and Interchangeable Needle Tips. The Trendz range also offers crochet hooks in both regular and interchangeable Tunisian crochet hook formats.

Knitpro Crochet Hooks

The Knitpro range of Crochet Hooks are offered in a full range of materials, most of which align with their range of Knitting Needles already mentioned above.

  • Symfonie Wood – Available in single and double end hooks, as well as interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks.
  • Symfonie Rose Wood – Available in single end hooks as a special Gift Set only.
  • Bamboo – Available in regular single end hooks and interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks tips
  • Basix Birch – Available in regular single end crochet hooks
  • Trendz – Available in regular single end hooks and interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks tips
  • Aluminium & Steel Hooks – Come with soft ergonomic handle and available in either gold or silver coloured heads.

Waves Crochet Hooks

Much like the regular Knitpro aluminium crochet hooks, the Waves Crochet Hooks come with specially designed soft grip ergonomic handles, each in one of 13 colour coded to match the size of hook for easy identification. The Waves crochet hooks are available in size 2.00mm – 12.00mm and also come in handy sets with brightly coloured green or pink storage cases.

Knitpro Knitting & Crochet Accessories

Knitpro have a full range of knitting and crochet accessories, with all the usual suspects covered. The range includes stitch markers, row counters, Needle gauges and more, all of which are designed and manufactured to Knitpro’s usual high quality. This makes them some of the most popular and trusted knitting and crochet accessories on the market.

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