Can Knitting Help Arthritis?

Arthritis is a vicious, joint-related illness and can really affect the quality of your life.This inflammatory disease causes pain and tenderness, leaving its sufferers feeling deflated and in agony. If you struggle with it, you know that it’s absolutely vital to have some kind of haven to escape to when your symptoms flare up.

Knitting could be that very disconnect, where you can lose yourself in the comforting repetition of loops and the soothing sensation of creating rows of lovely patterns. All the while you’ll be strengthening and lightly working the joints in your fingers and wrists, which in the long run, could help to alleviate some of the strains of the disease. It will get you stronger physically and keep you mentally active yet also distracted, both of which are necessary elements in the life of someone who has to work through chronic pains.

At Knitting Co., we’re fascinated by crafts and their incredible power to bring people joy, serenity, skillsets and a sense of accomplishment. Whether for fun or as a serious pursuit, we believe that knitting can benefit you in a plethora of ways, from giving you a hobby and interest to keeping you occupied and offering stimulation.

As there’s no specific cure for arthritis, it’s crucial that those who have it find methods to limit their suffering, reduce stiffness and maintain as much moveability as possible. Below, we’ll delve into whether knitting can truly help arthritis cases.

Physical Positives

Arthritis strikes the joints and either wear them down or cause the body’s immune system to attack them. It is very common in the hands, fingers and wrists, making basic tasks most of us take for granted extremely challenging. That’s why upon diagnosis it’s vital to keep mobile and the fingers agile from the early onset to prevent rapid developments of the disease. Knitting isn’t super strenuous yet, will also provide adequate action. It’s all about gradual yet, sustained movements which will loosen up the stiff, sore and tender joints.

Mentally Driven Advantages

Carrying the burdens of a long term, incurable and excruciating condition is tiring, difficult and overwhelming. Some days, it can seem like the stresses of the disease are all that you can think about and that can really weigh you down. 

That’s why it’s paramount that you give yourself lots of things to do and to keep busy with. However, more so than that, activities that you genuinely love and enjoy, that you are passionate about. Knitting is such a great hobby in this sense because it’s vibrant, a creative outlet and it’s also beautiful, delicate and incredibly skilful. You will find yourself embarking on all kinds of projects, losing yourself in yarns and feeling unbelievably proud when you have the final product finished and ready.

So mentally speaking, this is a fantastic venture to take your mind off the nastiness and anguish that arthritis can bring. 

Important Aspects to Consider When Knitting With Arthritis

Of course, sometimes even knitting will cause discomfort. So, make sure you set yourself up in the best way possible. Learn techniques that will suit you well and result in the least amount of pain possible. Choose the correct equipment and don’t overwork yourself! For example, we especially recommend circular needles for arthritic people as they are lighter and hence, take pressure off the wrists.

All in all, don’t let this dastardly disease get the better of you! Never give up hope that something like knitting could really make a difference and lessen your symptoms. All the while, you’ll be learning new abilities, embracing something artistic and completing projects that will wow your friends and family!

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