6 Knitting Stitches For Beginners

Type ‘knitting stitches’ into Google and you will encounter hundreds of patterns, techniques, weaves and designs. The possibilities are simply endless and the results, innumerable. Knitting like all skills requires a great deal of practice and patience. It’s a fun experience of trial and error, working the needles until you master the stitches and eventually build them up to make a sensational creation!

Different Types of Knitting Stitches

Certain stitches are basic and classic whereas others are more complex. The directions you go in and the way you form loops will affect the look and overall style of your project. You may even want to mix and match giving your work an array of patterns and textures. Your ability, tenacity and time you can dedicate to the art will determine how many stitches you’ll be able to learn and fine tune. Some people pick up stitches quickly whilst others prefer to go slowly but surely. Regardless of your talents, you’ll find that you’ll gradually add more and more stitches to your arsenal.

The Two Omnipotent OGs

Once you have a ‘knit’ and a ‘purl’ stitch down and you can decipher the difference between the two, you’ll see that you can take on all other kinds of cool and funky patterns. The easiest way to get your head (and needles!) around these two staples is to remember the key structures of each.

Rows of knit stitches on a swatch will look like a series of Vs.On the other hand, purl stitches will appear as sets of bumps.

Great Garter

The garter stitch is where you knit each row to create a consistent pattern. Typically, a beginner stitch, you can make scarves, cloths, coasters etc, with this nice and simple style.

Sublime Stockinette

This sort of stitch is an assortment of alternations in which you knit one row and then purl for the next row and continue in this vein. It is often the base of several patterns so, it’s a spectacularly useful one to learn. It’s also the most recognisable stitch in the knitting world and looks very cute no matter what project you take on with it!

Robust Ribbing

Instead of row by row changes, ribbing is a case of swapping between knit and purl in the same row! There are a few variations too, from 1x1 and 2x2 to reverse ribbing. This excellent and tough stitch makes for a fabulous stand-alone look or can also be a brilliant way to edge your work.

Stunning Seed

A natural progression from ribbing, this pretty formation gives your pieces texture and sturdiness. It’s similar to ribbing except each row is off by a stitch and the result is sequences of cross-like shapes.

Magnificent Moss

This stitch is akin to the seed stitch but more complicated and ends in a thicker feel. It also appears much like its namesake! The ratio of knit and purl is tricky to explain but there are dozens of tutorials or easy to follow booklets that will get you on your way to bossing this beautiful compilation.

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